Looking For Help with an Individual Issue?

Look no further! Here's how we might help.

Business Formation

When You're Ready to Take the Next Step

Ready to start your own gig? We can offer advice and help you form your LLC, Corporation, or Partnership. (Managed through our Law Practice, Eiss-Proctor Law).

We'll do a deep dive into what you're hoping to accomplish and set you up with all the documentation you need to feel like a legit business.

Contract Drafting and Review

For when you want a second set of eyes on the details.

We can take a closer look at all of your legal documents - and help you draft ones you may be missing! Includes Independent Contractor Agreements, Statements of Work, Leases, Purchase Agreements and everything else you need to feel secure in your business.

Work Separation Coaching and Advice

When you know it's time to get out of dodge.

Sign up for our 2-week email series and get inspired for your next move! Know that we've got you covered with all the advice you need to sign that severance agreement or just navigate your way through a sticky work situation.

A more prepared approach to work life is waiting.