Services for Organizations

Want to Change the System from Within? We can help!

Here's a few ways we've partnered with organizations in the past...

Non-Profit Formation

Ready to Build Something Big? I can help!

If you're ready to get a non-profit up and running I can help you draft all the necessary paperwork. From filing your 501c3 to getting your Board of Directors up and running to fundraising your first $10K, I've done it before and can let you in on all the secrets.

Employee Relations

Learn how to support your org's greatest assets

I've helped small organizations grow their teams. I can draft employee handbooks, advise about hiring and termination strategies, and offer insight about benefits and employee retention. I've managed all of these pieces before and can share what I've learned.

Operations Consulting

When you need help with the details

I've helped organizations implement data systems and tracking, designed invoicing systems and made bumpy transitions feel more manageable. Take advantage of my detail-focused mind to design automated strategies that work for your organization.