The Non-Profit Kickstart

Best for: Leaders who are ready to take the workday to the next level (and change the world while they do it)

Together we are going to tackle your non-profit’s most challenging to-do lists.

  • You aren’t maximizing the donors you have (because you can’t keep track of them)
  • Connecting with new supporters? It seems like a daunting task when you are so busy developing programming
  • Funders ask for budgets for so many things! How are you supposed to keep it all organized?
  • More people power is what you need, but you can’t pay yourself a living wage yet, where can you find better volunteers?
  • You eat, sleep, and breathe your mission, but asking for a donation still makes your palms sweat.

You don’t have time to figure all this out – but start working with me today and you’ll be getting more sleep in no time!

The Non-Profit Kickstart was made for non-profit leaders who founded a mission-driven organization because they wanted to make a difference, NOT spend all their time figuring out budgets and appealing to donors.

Over the course of 8 weeks we will:

  • Have an initial one hour, deep-dive call where you share all your biggest issues
  • After that call I’ll create a detailed schedule for the next 2 months of our work together
  • We’ll chat every week for 45 minutes to ensure we stay on track (and to manage any emergency that crops up, which in the non-profit world, there’s always an emergency!)
  • Choose a system to track your supporters that works for your organization
  • Implement the donor tracking system
  • Transfer all the data you can find into the new system
  • Develop a Template for staying in touch with all of your supporters monthly
  • Create a Template for an online donation drive you can use when it works for you (Giving Tuesday, perhaps?)
  • Develop a step-by-step guide for tracking (so your weekly to-do list stays short)
  • Design an Annual Calendar for Outreach – so you know when you have to plan things (no more last minute fundraising efforts – you’ll know when you are raising money for the entire year!)
  • Create a list of 25 potential new donor sources already primed to love the work you do
  • Develop a Letter of Interest template so you know what to say when you reach out to these new friends
  • Solicit additional in-kind donations from corporations or local businesses (so you can make connections in the for-profit world)
  • Build out a Program Budget (and teach you how to update it!)
  • Build out an Organizational Budget (and teach you how to update it!)
  • Design a plan for engaging your Board of Directors (even if you have lost touch with all of them!)
  • Create a Board Meeting Agenda that will make future Board meetings run smoothly,
  • Execute a Board Training Session where I teach your Board the secrets to easy fundraising
  • Talk through your biggest pain points when making an ask and develop strategies for each of them, and
  • Script out your ask (with practice!) so you never feel anxious saying “can you help?” again

With my guided assistance over the course of 8 weeks you will be sure to get a major return on your investment in yourself and your organization.

What would knowing the business of your non-profit being handled mean for you and your organization?

Perhaps it would mean you get one extra hour of sleep at night so you are ready to tackle the challenges without losing your temper with the kids you work with? Or maybe it means you can afford to hire part-time help to make your programming that much more successful?

I want you to feel like the non-profit boss you are when you know we’re handling the business of doing good.

So when we jumpstart your organization we won’t just help you get more confidence knowing you and will will design and execute a plan to make it easy to share your mission, we’ll also help you feel like the mission-focused leader you are because you’ll know there’s a way to sustain the work you’ve started. And knowing you can sustain it? It get’s us all one step closer to making your vision of a better world a reality.

You’ll learn:

  • How to talk about fundraising needs any time someone asks
  • Exactly what to say when someone says “How much money do you need?”
  • How to maximize your budget for any funding request
  • How to get your Board Members to start acting like the Rock Star supporters you know they can be (hint you have to teach them a few tricks and recruit 1 great Board leader)
  • How to seek out companies and corporations who are ready to partner

Right now, the Non-Profit Kickstart will only take us 2 months to complete.

Our Master Change Agent Program starts at $17,550 for a complete overhaul that lasts a solid 12 weeks. 

But if you sign up today, you can take a deep breath and know the details will be handled in just a few weeks.

We’re so certain you’re going to love what we build together that if you don’t find the program valuable after two weeks we’ll return your deposit, no questions asked.

You won’t have to worry about that, of course, because we’re confident that you’ll love what we do, but we know it can be scary to try something new. With strangers! Who you haven’t met yet!

So why don’t we fix that right now. 

Let’s get together and get you on a path to understanding the business side of your non-profit so you can start growing your organization and pay your bills!

Your organization will be having a bigger impact in only 2 months!

All you have to do is click the button below, submit a deposit payment of $4,975 to reserve your space. Your second (and final payment will be due when we begin week 5 of the program).

When you book, submit your deposit and we’ll reach out in 48 hours or less to schedule a call and get you set up for our initial hour consultation.

After all, to change the world you have to pay the bills. Growing a non-profit means you have to figure out the business of your operations.

Want to talk to us first before you book? Sure thing! Here’s our contact info. Reach out anytime!

Megan –

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