Heddy’s Non-Profit Boot Camp

For Growing Nonprofits Who Want a Bigger Impact

When you’re trying to grow a nonprofit, getting organized can be tough, especially right now. I get it. I can help set you and your team up for success (even if you’re working with only a scrappy volunteer staff!)

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Why Work With Us?

At Heddy we increase the impact of mission-driven organizations. I’m an experienced Non-Profit Executive and Fundraiser who was integral in growing a small non-profit from a budget of $50K/year to $1.2 Million/year. I’ve worked with many small and growing mission-driven organizations and understand the challenges they face.

I’m a rockstar at fundraising strategy, getting organized and helping you connect to your key donors.
I’ve been a Board Member and a non-profit employee and I know how to maximize Board engagement (a requirement if you’re looking to apply for large private grants or government funds).

What Happens in Boot Camp?

After a free consultation call we’ll devise a strategic plan to organize your operations and development, automate them as much as possible and set the organization up for success.

Some examples of the work we might create are:

  • A free donor tracking system so you can maintain connections
  • An Email Newsletter Template so you can easily reach out
  • A Board Member Agreement and Welcome Packet to ensure your Board is on the same page
  • A Template for Outreach to Local Businesses (both in email and verbal form) so you are prepared to partner with for-profit businesses
  • A List of Potential For-Profit businesses partnerships so you approach the right people
  • A Template for Outreach to Prospective Board Member (both email and verbal form), because great Board Members are hard to find
  • An Annual Review Template to showcase your success to supporters

Not sure you can put all of these to work? Don’t worry! We’ll work with you to set you up for maximum impact!

Is this right for my organization? We have a few requirements we can’t budge on:

One or more people from your organization must be available to meet with me 5 hours a week throughout our engagement. (It doesn’t have to be the same person for all 5 hours every week). We may not need this time every week but regular connection with someone on the inside is necessary to ensure I have critical information and so someone can continue to use what we create after the engagement ends.

How Much Does it Cost?

Cost depends on what the organization needs to tackle, but our engagements usually  range from $1500 to $4500 a month for 3-6 month contracts. You can cancel the contract at any time, no questions asked.

Ready to Expand Your Impact?

Click here to book a 30 minute free consultation. I’m ready to think outside the box and make 2021 your most impactful year yet!