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January 22, 2019: How to Speak Up for Yourself in a Room Full of Powerful People at General Assembly in New York, NY

This class teaches you how to navigate everyday interactions with people in your office. In this workshop we’ll explore behaviors such as interruptions, appropriation and dismissive behavior and discuss ways to approach these situations and practice combating these common occurrences.


  • Learn about the common scenarios where you may not be fully heard in the workplace
  • Practice speaking up in challenging situations
  • Leave with scripts you can use when you feel you aren’t being heard
  • Gain confidence in how to navigate challenging office issues

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January 29, 2019: Policy Bootcamp at General Assembly in New York, NY

Small and growing organizations often don’t have time or resources to dedicate to creating employee policies but strong policies are required for a solid company foundation (and in some cases may be legally required). In this two hour class a licensed New York attorney will cover the necessary components of an Employee Handbook and help you draft your Handbook.Takeaway:
  • Create a solid outline for your employee handbook (that is compliant with New York State law), leave with additional resources to help you think through how to adapt your handbook as your organization grows and changes

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January 31, 2019: How to Run a Productive, Efficient and Inclusive Meeting at General Assembly in New York, NY

We spend large amounts of our workday in meetings. Many people who are responsible for organizing meetings don’t invest the time in ensuring their meetings are set up for success. In this workshop we’ll break down the components of a productive meeting and practice designing meetings that have impact. Participants will leave with a clearer sense of how to better plan for and execute on workplace meetings.


  • Create an agenda for your next important meeting
  • Develop a plan for common derailments during the meeting
  • Leave with a collection of resources to help you continue to hone your ability to plan and lead meetings in your office

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Ongoing: #MeToo Workshop for Health, Wellness and Fitness Companies

Heddy is excited to launch a workshop that address how fitness, wellness and health organizations can tackle the #MeToo and #TimesUp Movements within their organizations. We developed this workshop with Leanne Shear, Founder and President of Uplift Studios. The workshop is being offered throughout the New York area. Email us to discuss bringing this to your workplace!