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Megan Eiss

Founder & CEO

Megan is a lawyer, change agent and New Yorker. She has educational, legal, executive and human resources experience. She is excited to meld her many skills and passions together to help organizations and professionals. For her full bio, click here.

Who we are

Megan leads a team of diverse experts dedicated to helping you and your organization be more inclusive. Heddy is committed to making sure organizations of all sizes benefit from diverse and inclusive teams.

What we do

Heddy works with professionals and organizations to help them maximize success through cultivation of diverse voices. We help you tackle issues such as retaining a diverse team, proactively creating appropriate sexual harassment policies and evaluating the inclusiveness of your organization's practices. We offer an array of packages for organizations and individuals.

Why we do it

Our world is growing increasingly more diverse. In order to compete in today's global economy you and your organization need to develop strategies for recruiting, retaining and working with a diverse team. This work does not happen without focus and attention. Heddy helps you create a proactive strategy.

Our Subject Matter Experts


Ashmi Pathela

Strategy and Growth Consultant

As a business advisor and former Chief of Staff, Ashmi has worked with companies of all sizes - from Facebook to early and growth stage startups. She has experience spearheading diversity and inclusion initiatives at high-performance startups.


Bill Smartt

Communication Coach

Bill provides communication and leadership training in the fields of advertising, consulting, finance, and technology. A performer and teacher with work experience in financial services and tech, Bill offers practical, stage-tested techniques that help clients authentically connect and deliver clear, compelling content.


Tekisha Harvey

Marketing Guru

Tekisha is a highly versatile marketing professional with 15+ years of brand management, strategic marketing planning, and market expansion experience. Tekisha is an influential thought leader passionate about sparking “future picture” thinking to evolve the workplace into a more inclusive and cooperative place for all.

Tiffany Pic

Tiffany Fisher-Love

Production Manager

Tiffany Fisher is a Brooklyn based producer and the operational production manager for Brut Media. Fisher-Love spent the last four years at Upworthy as the Chief of Staff working to create viral content with meaning. Other recent projects include: 'United Skates', a documentary about a community of thousands in a racially charged battle save the underground subculture of roller skating, ‘#Goinghomeless’, ‘Leave It To Her’ and ‘Barista’ which screened at Filmmaker’s NY, Sarasota and Hollywood shorts.

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At Heddy we know that if we are going to be truly successful we need a diverse team of experts who are ready to help us see reality from all the various angles. We are always looking for fresh perspectives. If you are interested in discussing issues around diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace let us know!