About Megan

Megan started her professional life as a 5th grade teacher in the South Bronx with Teach for America. Her classroom was extremely diverse and she saw the potential and excitement in every student. As Megan’s career progressed she continued to work in social justice, studying law and became a member of the Bar of the State of New York in 2006.

Megan worked in the family and criminal courts of New York City for several years, meeting even more amazing community members in New York along the way. She opened her own practice, advising small organizations on the best way to launch and grow their ventures – including developing policies, procedures and manuals for these organizations. Megan was drawn to socially good businesses so when she had the opportunity to dive deeper with one, she jumped at the chance.

In 2013 Megan co-founded a non-profit dedicated to helping immigrant youth. She joined the initial Board of Directors, and spent the better part of the next four and a half years building the organization. Megan served as the Director of Operations and Development and later as a Deputy Executive Director. She was integral in growing the organization’s staff and Board of Directors, developing key policies, procedures, systems and practices for the organization and hiring the organization’s first full-time Executive Director.

While working at the organization, and thinking about the many other companies Megan helped, she noted that much of the diversity from her teaching days was lacking – particularly in management roles. Megan had hard conversations with key stakeholders about this and studied how to approach challenging issues around sexism and discrimination in the workplace. Megan worked with staff and members of the Board to develop transparent and inclusive policies and practices.

In 2017 Megan left the non-profit to devote herself exclusively to this mission. She launched Heddy – a consulting firm that helps organizations and professionals be more successful by being more inclusive. Heddy works to ensure that organizations are as inclusive and diverse as Megan’s 5th grade classroom was. True inclusiveness requires more than one voice in the room and Megan has an incredible team of advisors that helps to ensure all voices are considered.