Struggling to Grow a
Non-Profit and Pay the Bills?

It's Time You Met Heddy.

For change agents who want
to do good and afford groceries.

Heddy helps you with the business of
doing good by building systems to
make your non-profit run seamlessly.

Save the World and Still Pay Your Light Bill

Most people don't get into the non-profit world to get rich. We start non-profits because we want to make a difference. 

The hard truth no one mentions when you start a non-profit? You can't create change without some unrestricted funds to pay yourself (or paper for the copier or a desk chair or a million other operational expenses). In order to make a big difference you have to set your organization up for success.

We specialize in getting you set up with processes and systems around operations and development so your organization can have a major impact.


Supercharge Your Non-Profit's Plan Without the Stress

Our signature approach walks you through all the organizational questions you didn't think to ask when you started doing good. We help you create budgets, build out your processes for holding regular board meetings and maximizing your Board of Directors, identify and apply for foundational grants, create a staffing plan to ensure all the work gets done and find new donors while engaging the ones you already have!

The result? In 60 days you'll have $6,000 of unrestricted funds* in your organization's bank account and, even more important? A plan to keep up with the business of changing the world!

*Currently in beta, we'd love for you to help us prove it!

Relax Knowing Your Focus is on the Mission

Things you can stop worrying about: Feeling guilty because you want to make a living doing good; feeling confused by yet another request for a program budget on a grant application; feeling ignored by your Board of Directors who don't know what they are supposed to be doing; being afraid of asking for money from people who want to support your mission.

Instead, focus on your impact while getting a good night's sleep because you know you are creating systems and processes to help plan for the future of the people your non-profit supports.


You Don't Have to Be This Exhausted

You don't have to lose sleep counting spreadsheets and budget line items. You don't have to feel guilty that you want to make an impact but also need to pay your phone bill. You will stop creating endless budgets and grant applications, guessing at what funders might be looking for. Instead, with Heddy's process, you'll get organized, engage your target supporters, train your Board of Directors to be the kind of helpers your organization needs, and focus your attention on how to have the biggest impact for the people you help.

Run a Non-Profit and Pay My Bills
in Just 5 Days

You're Tired of Struggling to Grow a Non-Profit and Make Rent.

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