The key to big impact is people.
Intentionally create an environment where your staff, volunteers, funders and supporters thrive.

Heddy can help.

Employee Handbook Tune Up

One of the easiest ways to make your workplace successful is through inspiring your employees to believe their voices matter. A great way to showcase this is through creating and maintaining policies that promote diversity and inclusiveness. Work with Heddy to sharpen your employee handbook and improve your policies.

Nail Performance Reviews and Feedback

Do you want to make sure everyone at your company has a chance to grow themselves and your business? Creating regular opportunities for feedback is critical. Heddy's Performance Package reviews your organization's performance review and feedback practices and upgrades them so you can get the most out of all of your employees.

Equal Pay

As companies grow it gets harder to ensure all of your employees are compensated equitably. How do you define salary bands? When is a position a different level? Heddy reviews your organization's performance and pay structures and devises a plan to support a diverse staff.